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Another year is here, and for many of us, that dream business brewing in your mind is finally ready to hatch. Or perhaps a New Year’s resolution whispers of becoming your own boss? Whatever the spark, the beginning of a year holds immense potential for aspiring entrepreneurs.

But let’s be honest, starting a new business isn’t easy. It can be a challenging process, especially for new business entrepreneurs. This is where Rowe Partners comes in. We’re experienced business advisors and accountants based in Adelaide, South Australia, and your trusted navigation system through the exciting, yet overwhelming journey of starting your own business.

The 2024 Business Landscape 

Running your own business in 2024 will offer not only financial gains but also the deep satisfaction of achieving personal and professional goals. It also comes with the benefit of working for oneself, with flexible schedules for a balanced lifestyle, quality time with family and friends, and the freedom to make autonomous decisions.

We are already seeing rising trends in the business landscape in 2024. The advancement of technology is a trend helping businesses scale earlier and faster. Embracing this evolving technological landscape can significantly facilitate the initiation and management of your business venture.

South Australia is also witnessing heightened investment in training and upskilling initiatives. With a focus on skills training and support, you’ll find the talent you need to thrive.

Starting a New Business

So, in the current landscape, how does one go about starting their new business? Starting a new business demands careful consideration and strategic planning. Before taking the plunge, there are several things to consider. Here are key aspects to guide you through the initial phases:

1. Put your Idea into a Plan:

Conduct a comprehensive due diligence process. Assess your financial landscape, do your research, assess your product or services, your competitors and identify potential risks associated with your new business venture.

2. Cashflow Forecast:

Project and analyse your cashflow. It can always be difficult to forecast numbers around your business idea. Meeting with one of our accountants can help put concrete numbers against your investment and estimate prospective cashflow to gain a clear understanding of your return on investment.

3. Entity Structure Set-Up: 

Determine the most suitable business structure for your new venture. From Sole Traders to Companies, our Business Advisors can assist you in setting up the optimal structure, providing valuable insights into the structure that aligns best with your business goals.

4. Supporting Software:

Streamline your accounting processes by setting up tools like Xero and Dext. Explore additional software add-ons tailored to support specific aspects of your business, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness from point of sale, online payments to workflow solutions.

5. Business Set up:

Simplify the administrative steps by allowing us to assist you in setting up your business.

There’s a few other things to think about too, including 

  • Company/Trust Establishment
  • Business Name Registrations
  • ABN, GST, FBT & PAYG registration
  • Accounting Software setup and training
  • Business bookkeeping advice & system set up

How a Business Advisor can help 

Starting or growing a business is an exciting opportunity.

But, as any experienced Business Advisor will tell you, there will be twists, turns, ups and downs. The key driver to success is having the right support team around you to help you navigate the business life-cycle. That’s why Rowe Partners offers a range of expert Business Advice to help your business thrive, from start-up to established enterprises. 

Our team can help you:

  • Validate your business idea
  • Craft a sound business plan 
  • Set up your legal and financial framework, including choosing the right business structure, tax compliance and accounting systems 

Engaging a Business Advisor goes beyond just a consultation. It means having a mentor in your back pocket—someone to provide timely and authentic strategic advice. Gain access to our team of experienced professionals for ongoing guidance, problem-solving, and strategic insights. 

If you’re starting a new business venture, or if you’re a seasoned entrepreneur seeking fresh perspectives, connect with our team of experienced advisors at Rowe Partners today! Your success journey begins with the right support.

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