Covid - 19 What does it mean for your business?

We're in for a bumpy ride but it's important we don't allow ourselves to get too caught up. Cool heads, good risk management practices and good health hygiene prevail.

As has been widely stated, for most people, Covid-19 will seem no worse than a bad cold but there are elderly and other people in our community who will be more vulnerable. None of us will know exactly the personal or health circumstances of people we come in contact with every day be they staff, co-workers, customers or suppliers...

BUT it is important we all assess and mitigate risk. It's important that we're all considerate of others. What if we see the Australian Government banning the activities or events you're planning? What if you can't fill orders from suppliers? How will you deal with it?

Every business should be thinking about the potential impact Covid-19, including any economic flow-on effects. Develop and/or implement WHS policies such as self-isolation, sick leave, transferring services or meetings online, introducing work from home policies, reconsider the need to gather in groups etc. and do your bit at the local level. Check out your insurance policies too. You might be covered for losses. Every policy and business will be different.

It's an ever-changing situation. Again, each business will be different, the impacts will vary as will the circumstances of each individual so it's up to you as business owners or managers to take appropriate action.

We will happily pass on any relevant information through our channels but please identify and make note of reliable sources of information for your own purposes.

Resources and Information

We've created a Covid-19 poster for Rowe Partners clients based on current WHO recommendations. You can print it out and display them in your workplace. No pressure, just trying to be helpful. Message us below and we'll send you the file.

As is often the case, we're finding that the ABC is providing the most reliable and up to date information on Corona Virus but you should also check out this information from Safe Work Australia and your relevant industry association websites.…/coronavirus-covid-19…

For more information Contact one of the following 24/7 information lines:

  • Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080

  • Healthdirect Hotline 1800 022 222