Time - the most precious gift of all!

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that time is precious, nothing and no one should be taken for granted.

We run a fast-paced business. At times, especially during tax season, things get crazy. But at the end of the year, at Christmas, we make sure to switch off. We close the doors so that we, the Partners, Associates, and all our staff take some well-deserved time for rejuvenation and connection. This break is written into the calendars in ink and we’ve taken it every year of the 30 plus years that we’ve been in business.

How about giving yourself and your loved ones the gift of time this year for Christmas too. We’re not talking watches here. We’re talking about finding time and space in your day, your week, your life so you can focus on things and people that really matter to you. We thought we’d share some tips, tricks and time-saving tech that will help you do it.

Partner Chad McKnight squeezes every drop out of life. In the spirit of Christmas, he’s sharing his 12 tips for leveraging tech to keep those ever-present pressures from business under control.

Cloud based computing and apps have revolutionised the workplace. Chad says there’s really no excuse for chaos and disorganisation in the workplace anymore. Along with efficient, accurate Cloud-based Accounting Systems such as Xero have come a great range of easily integrated Apps specifically designed to do things better, simpler, and faster, giving business owners more time.

1st Day of Xmas

If you don’t yet have cloud accounting, then talk to us about setting you up with Xero. Xero offers a vast range of features that will quite literally save you time such as;

  • simplicity and ease of use

  • automatic bank feeds

  • invoice reminders

  • Software and app integrations

  • Portable access via mobile devices

  • Supported by an expert bookkeeping team at Rowe Partners

Xero Cashbook plans from $10/month and Xero Business Plans from $25/month.

Get ready to rock and roll now for 2021, talk to us today about your cloud-accounting and bookkeeping needs.

2nd Day of Xmas If you need payroll, then let’s turn on Xero Payroll and you’ll be putting your feet up on the couch in no time.

  • Quick and simple

  • No more manually updating tax tables

  • Employee Portal so they can;

  • Submit timesheets

  • Put in leave requests

  • Download their own timesheets.

  • Single Touch Payroll and Auto Super all done at the press of a button.

Xero Payroll Starter Plan grows with you. Free to start with 1 employee,

4 employees $29/month to $65/month for 5 employees.

3rd Day of Xmas

Have you got paperwork everywhere? Treat yourself to ReceiptBank.

  • Use of OCR technology and AI to code receipts and attach to the source payment in Xero.

  • No more need for paper filing.

  • If you know how to use a mobile phone camera, ReceiptBank will do the rest;

  • ReceiptBank scans picking up dates, invoice numbers, amounts, suppliers and GST amounts, a real timesaver for those purchases with Part GST/Part GST Free amounts.

Ask us about the special offer on ReceiptBank from $10 per month for Rowe Partners clients.

4th Day of Xmas

Buy yourself time and get paid faster with Stripe! Provide payment options on invoices such as Stripe is known to speed up payment times by up to 35%. The faster you get paid, the less time and money you’ll spend chasing payments. Get Stripe from 1.75% + $.30 per transaction.

5th Day of Xmas

It’s hip to be Square. If you run a retail shop or café, treat yourself to a Square Point of Sale card reader system. Allowing payments via credit card, Square is connected to your cash register and directly feeds your sales data into your Xero accounts via an iPad, its own reader, or your mobile phone.

Wow! You can get Square from only 1.6% to 1.9% payment processing fee per transaction.

6th Day of Xmas

Talk about tradie heaven! If you’re a tradie, jump onto Service M8/Tradify to keep up with all your jobs on the go. These mobile Apps will help you to keep track of jobs, staff and give you back hours as all your “paperwork” can be done in system as you go.

Service M8 starts at $29 per month and Tradify starts at $39 per month.

7th Day of Xmas

Take control of your inventory with Unleashed. Specifically designed to manage stock levels, pricing and margins, Unleashed will ensure you know what you have in stock and where it is. No more long days stock taking. With the use of a barcode scanner you can instantly see how many items you should have at any time.

Get Unleashed from only $219 per month.

8th Day of Xmas

Save yourself time notifying all your customers on your latest special or stock item with Mailchimp. Mailchimp helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use, and track your results.

Mailchimp offers free entry level options. Start small and free then scale up when you need.

9th Day of Xmas

Working from home or involved in meeting out of town? Embrace online meeting and conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Save yourself hours of travel to do what can be done via your computer. Both products allow you to conduct your meeting over mobile phone as well as your desktop apps - options for one on one meetings through to larger groups, record sessions, share documents and images, screen sharing, free to use or advanced options by subscription.

Our online services are free! All you need is a good internet connection and computer with videocam.

10th Day of Xmas

Handle HR like a pro with Enable HR. Ditch the filing cabinets and store your policies, procedures, and employment contracts all in one place. From only $7.50 per month/per employee – min 10 employees.

11th Day of Xmas

Creating a more efficient workspace will save you a great deal of time. Add a 2nd or 3rd computer monitor to your desk (all ergonomically positioned of course) and you’ll be able to see more on screen and manage multiple tasks at once.

12th day of Xmas

Create a true sense of freedom. Treat yourself with a fully outsourced business bookkeeping solution. Team up with our Rowe Partners Bookkeeping Service and save yourself hundreds of hours a year. Time you can use on doing more of the fun stuff with the people you love. Our expert Bookkeepers work with these software systems and apps every day, they know them inside and out and understand exactly how to leverage them for maximise the benefit to you. Buy yourself time. It’s more affordable than you think!

Get a total, tailored, stress less Rowe Partners business bookkeeping service from as little as $200 per month. Note that these are general suggestions and ideas only. Before investing in any significant change to your business or tech solution, please talk to us about your specific needs and to determine accurate pricing for your individual circumstances. We’ll help ensure you are set up for success.

Check out our website at https://www.rowepartners.com.au/bookkeeping or call us on 1800 04 7693 for more information.

Wishing you a very merry, Covid-safe Christmas and a better (less stressful) year next year!