Tradies in the Cloud

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Tradies are certainly not afraid of getting in there and getting their hands dirty, but can just struggle to find the time when it comes to the bookwork .

Cloud-based accounting and integrated services certainly help to reduce the need to sit at the desk; giving time back to focus on growing the business or even to get out and enjoy life!

As long as you have internet – you have Cloud-based services!

These services are designed to be user friendly, provide seamless integration and flow through of all aspects of business life including the first contact of ‘please help’ right through to ‘thank you for your service’.

No need to be tech savvy. Cloud-based software provides a user friendly platform which can be tailored to business individual needs including customizing users and access levels. This can include employees, business managers and external parties such as Banks.

Other key advantages of cloud based accounting are -

No more double handling – No more having to transfer information from Quotes, Invoices & Timesheets. This can all be easily entered, consolidated and integrated into one easy to use system.

Quote and Invoice Onsite – Within a few clicks you can impress clients with ability to issue professional and accurate quotes or invoices straight to emails before leaving the premises. Speed up cashflow but having ability to track when quotes accepted or invoices viewed – reducing the good old ‘never received’ excuse and establishing automatic reminders for those sneaky invoices that exceed due dates.

Better collaboration for job management – Users can access software to log on and off of worksites, track and add information (such as photos) to job cards, monitor employee site locations, job scheduling and even have automatic reminders sent to clients.

Production & efficiency gains – Have real time vision and the ability to ensure all aspects of the business are running on maximum efficiencies with staff performance monitoring, stock control with parts/materials allocated to job at point in time, regular and timely invoicing procedures and better communication channels with clients on job stages.

No more paperwork – EVERYTHING can be done and stored electronically. No longer have information stored on personal computers, sitting in filing cabinets or even at the bottom of the work ute.

Automatic banking – by connecting bank transactions to software, have a clear understanding of cash in bank against in-going and outgoing payments.

If you would like more information on how cloud accounting can support your business, please contact us at Rowe Partners 1800 04 7693.